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What is is a collective, archive of the people, on-going project - Art(ist) Searching Engine.

We calls the archival governance in public art institutes in question, as well as how the materials are managed in physical repository and online platform. To manifest that art can be a constructive and subversive form of engaging the notion of archiving, AOP is developing a robust Art(ist) Searching Engine, which: -

  • facilitates searching scattered artist information on internet;
  • analyses artist website with statistics;
  • engages various art practitioners to collectively constitute the keywords database;
  • allows artists to review searching relevance and revamp the keywords;
  • eventually builds a rhizomatic network that connects institutional online database and artist websites.

Member of archive of the people :-

  • Lee Kai Chung
  • Lee Ho Wing, Michelle
  • Vicky Do
  • Cheuk Wing Nam

Special thanks to all contributors

Archive of the People Website